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In the first year of 2020, the Åland disc golf project was shown 40,000 times in four films. The following year, 2021, there were twice as many films and almost 190,000 screenings, and this year, as many films have already had the disc golf theme and almost 70,000 screenings. Things will happen this summer which means that we will beat last year's top scores with film views. During the first year 2020 of the disc golf project, there were four films on youtube that were about Åland and Disc golf. Press conference in May 2020

and a presentation film of the project at the same date [12.12.2020]

[22.6.2020] IcebergTv discusses disc golf's investment in Åland with the PDGA interview with Jussi Merasmaa about the project.

[28.7.2020] the inauguration of the runways with the help of the helicopter.

2021 startade with a video done by Visit Åland together with Åland United and Micke Björklund. They play at Kastelholm DGP and Åland player Tim Granström showing how to play.

Seppo Paju former European Champion in Disc golf and still professional player came to Åland in the beginning of May and visit some of our courses. He made two movies, one in Finnish and one in English.

[20.5.2021] English version of Seppos trip

[19.5.2021] Another finnish professional DiscGolf player Joonas Aalto came with three of his friends and played on Åland in the middle of May and filmed when they where playing at Soltuna DGP.

[12.7.2021] In July came one of the absolute top finnish player Väinö Mäkkelä and played a couple of courses and he filmed when he was playing Kastelholm DGP.

[3.9.2021] In September a young family from Finland filmed their disc golf trip to Åland with their young baby.

[11.11.2021] For the first time ever TedX talk was live at Åland and I (Mats Adamczak) was one of the speakers and a talked about the disc golf project.

[25.11.2021] A short summary of the disc golf Island project with some sceneries from the courses.

2022 has barely started and we have already received a whole bunch of new films from Kliffa's winter challenge. We hope they come again next year :)

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