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Trips from Ålandsresor

Various packages have already begun to be developed to Åland. There are certainly opportunities for two different tactics when you want to go to Åland and play Discgolf.

You can come with big ferries or via the archipelago with smaller ones. 

This is of course assumes that there will be normal travel conditions.

If you wants to create an own trip.


1) You arrive in Mariehamn and want to play solely on the Lions DGP (18). The course is within walking distance of the ferry.

2) There are 11 courses on the main island of Åland that you can easily access by either car, rental car or bicycle.

Archipelago tour

1) Starts the north, Osnäs -> Lappo DGP [Brändö] (18) -> Seglinge DGP [Kumlinge] (9) -> Sottunga DGP (9) -> Hastersboda DGP [Föglö] (9) -> Peders DGP [Kökar ] (9) -> Galtby.

This tour is a good way to take the other route starting from the south and the bike is optimal.

The Epic Tour (all 16 courses)

a) Starts via north path, Osnäs -> Lappo DGP [Brändö] (18) -> Seglinge DGP [Kumlinge] (9) -> Sandösund DPG (9) (18 September) -> Kastelholm (9) [Sund] -> Germundö DPG (9) [Saltvik] -> Soltuna DPG (18) [Geta] -> Stallhagen DPG (9) [Finström] -> Käringsund DPG (9) [Eckerö] -> Kattby (9) [Hammarland] -> Granlunda DPG ( 9) (Jomala) -> Lions (18) Mariehamn -> Lemland DPG (9) -> Svinö DPG (9) [Lumparland] -> Hastersboda DGP [Föglö] (9) -> Sottunga DGP (9) -> Peders DGP [Kitchens] (9) -> Galtby. Suggestions from Ålandsresor 

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