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The two first to make all 11 courses #ÅlandDiscGolfOpen

Since 25 of July we have a tournament were you can play the different courses on Åland and participate in #ÅlandDiscGolfOpen and that is open until 31 of August. #ÅlandDiscGolfOpen is a cooperation between #Ålanddiscgolfisland and #discmetrix. Here can you participate in Åland Disc Golf Open Today has the two first personens played all the eleven courses. It is Santeri V-M Salo (from the left) Antti Kuivanen (to the right).

I meet them at The Pub Niska before the went back home to Esbo and had a chat with them. How did you come up with the idea to come to Åland and Play Disc Golf?

- Santeri: The disc golf project appeared in my facebook and I have vacation in August so I asked Antti if he would like the idea to go here. - Antti: We have played much together the last 2-3 years and thought this could be a cool project and no one of us have been to Åland before. - Santari: We thought this could be angriest way to see the hole island. How many different courses have you played before this trip to Åland? - Antti: around 25 courses - Santari: We played five courses on a regular base home in Esbo.

If you compere this courses with the courses on mainland Finland what is the difference? - Santeri, mostly the courses in mainland Finland are 18 holes and on park areas and in the forests. They are much more crowded and more waiting time at them than here. If you go before 11 a clock here on Åland you have almost the courses for your self. - Antti, on Åland they courses are placed much more with scenery places. - Santeri, we actually enjoyed to do the nine holes. We thought first that we will do them double, but noway! We wouldn’t have had the time or energi to that. We did multiply courses every day and they were design pretty well, so we were satisfied and it was not too little. Could you rank 3 most best courses. - Santari: Soltuna DGP, the first 8 in the woods no wind and then last 10 out in the open mountain and I like the mixture between this and the scenery was awesome and the cafe was there.

Lappo DGP, the location was really beautiful next to the sea and the design of the course was also great. That was the only course we played twice, because we had time. - Mats: Did you played 12 B at Lappo?

- Santari: No haha, We loved our disc to much! The third one would be Föglö or Kastelholm both was really, really nice.

- Antti, I like the closeness to the sea so Lappo, Föglö and Kökar is my favorites. Kökar with its open mountain areas and all the purple Heathers all over the place, so it gave some highlands wibes. -Santeri, One thing that has amazed us is the big diversity of the different locations. If you compere Lappo with mainland and Kökar. It is totally different sceneries and then you have Sandösund that is like a moist rainforest and then Soltuna is up high at the hills. To the last , any other things you would like to comment?

- Santery, Local entrepenaurs can benefits the courses and one of the best moments was when after we played in Kökar and after a long warm day we went into the Peders Aplagård and bought an ice cold apple juice and the owner asked how he could improved the course so more would like to play there. One of the great things of this you move around people and they sleep and eat somewhere.

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