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The opening ceremony 25/7

Finally is the open ceremony for Åland Disc Golf Island project only a few days away. In this first batch it will it be 11 courses to the opening ceremony. Next week we will start the process with the "missing" five courses so we will hopefully have 16 courses in the middle of September this year. We will start opening the Lappo DPG 12:00 and continue to 19:00 and end the historical opening ceremony in Mariehamn.

On Saturday we will launch our own "app" where you can see live if the course is crowded or not. You can easy also donate money the different courses. We will also launch "Åland Open". That is a competition in cooperation with You should try to play all the disc golf courses opened on Åland between 25/7 to 31/8 and we will give out some prizes to the people who succeed to do that. You find the competition here It will also be some competitions at the different courses Soltuna DGP 12:00-14:00 18 holes competition discgolfmetrix

13:00-14:00 9 holes competition discgolfmetrix

Lions DGP 17:30 a family competitions, more info at link

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