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The Disc Golf Visitor Counter

On April 14, it has been two years since the idea of ​​investing in disc golf on Åland to try to find a new reason for tourists to come to Åland and not only in July but also extend the season.

A survey from January this year showed that 28% of Finland's population know that Åland is an eldorado for disc golf nerds. In the latest snowy weekend, there were at least 10 Finnish players here. Another example of the impact in this project is that early June, a Canadian couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and will visit all disc golf courses on Åland.

An important part of it all has been to be able to prove that it works by having disc golf counters on the courses. It has worked but required both electricity nearby and professional knowledge to assemble them.

Therefore, it is incredibly fun to be able to present that me and Mikko Tanska have developed a new way of measuring those who play on the courts, where you do not need either power or that it is tricky to install them.

In the newly released website, you will see our advertising video, which shows how the counter works and hopefully will help other disc golf communities to get sponsors and data.

Here a link to their website

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