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Soon just one month until Åland Open starts.

It is now almost three years since we inaugurated 11 disc golf courses on July 26, 2020. Today there are 17 and we will host one of the disc golf tournaments that has the best star field of all time in Europe. Only a few Majors in Nokia and in Skellefteå in 2015 and this year's Elite Series at PCS Sula had better starting fields.

It is very gratifying that we were able to bring Eurotour here during the last week of July when it is at its peak on Åland and in collaboration with our local music festival, you can follow the professional competition on big screens during the day. The Course in Vesterkalmare is built with the intention of hosting major international competitions and it is almost a little surreal to already be able to host one of the top tournaments in Europe.

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