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Some statistics from the opened courses.

The courses opened officially 25/7 but already before that people were playing on them. We started to get out the trackers in week 28 and if we summarize all who have been tracked since that, it is over 9 000 people who have played the 10 courses that we have been in the tracking system. Käringsund DGP is still not connected and we have had some issues with Mariehamn, so some of the dates are estimates from that course, but on the other hand it has been very stable with over 130 people playing every day there in Mariehamn. The top 3 other courses on Åland are Kastelholm DGP that are increasing every day and now have an average around 130 players per day. Kastelholm DGP is a light version of Svinö DGP. The other two are Soltuna DGP and Stallhagen DGP. The common thing with all tre of them, are that they have a nice restaurant in the neighborhood of the course and that they are all on the main island.

In the next phase will Svinö DGP also become an 18-hole course, so that will increase the interest of playing on that course. We have also launched a service where you can see how many are playing at the different courses at Åland . Here is some print screen from the website. You can also donate some money to the people who take care of the course.

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