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Puskasoturit donates discs to "Rädda Barnen" at Åland

Our Disc Golf project has engaged a lot of people on the island and one of the best parts with the sports is that is free to play. We know that many parents have been able to have a meaningful time with their kids, when they have been playing disc golf with them. But everybody can't afford to buy disc, so we were very happy when Puskasoturit took contact and wanted to donate 40 discs to poor families on Åland. We asked if Rädda Barnen could take care of the discs and distribute them to families on Åland. Here some words from Mikko that delivierad the discs this weeekend when he and some friends from the disc golf were testing 7 courses during the weekend. Here some words from Mikko: Now you have many beautiful disc golf courses around Åland island, but propably everybody can not join your active outdoor sport scene, cause lack of money or some other reasons. My ideology is to grow the sport and influence to grow as much as I can with my experience.

My disc golf club in Finland is Puskasoturit (Eng = Bush Warriors) and we have active lost and found discs division (their names are Aarre Aalto and Talvikki Aalto, and they have done some excellent work and spent huge amount of hours for the sport), which handles many hundreds of discs yearly.

If your disc was lost and your name and phone number was written on disc then you have been informed by SMS, that your disc is found and can be picked up in weekly competitions or other events. If you haven't picked up your discs, club will sell lost discs in 6 month to fund junior players. Discs which are not sold, we usually donate to somebody who has a need for them. We have donated discs for example disabled persons, schools, kids who are interested about disc golf, families with no money for new hobby and for disc golf courses in city of Espoo just that people could borrow discs and try to play easily without any invests.

Remember always tag your discs with your name and phone number.

To donate discs to Rädda Barnen foundation really fullfills ideology to grow the sport. Let's hope that these kids will try this awesome outdoor sport with these donated discs and let's hope they will spent some time outdoors for playing. Playing together outdoors could give them some feeling of success and new experience and also new adventures.

Coming back to ideology, treat others as you would like others to treat you. Puskasoturit is happy to donate discs with pleasure for those who are in the need of some new activities.

Mikko Tanska / Member of executive committee of disc golf club Puskasoturit Espoo Finland

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