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A drone movie of Soltuna DGP first 9 holes & course update

Next week will Soltuna DGP have 18 holes and I have created a first version of a drone movie of Soltuna DGP, so you can see how the course will look. I will later make new drone shoots when the course is completed.

You can find the status at UDisc where we try to update to progress as soon something happens. So right now is eight different courses displayed at Disc.

  • 4 courses are only waiting for the info printouts and in good conditions. Soltuna DGP, Lions DGP, Lappo DGP and Seglinge DGP

  • Stallhagen DPG still has some high grass to get rid of, but playable, a little tricky to know.

  • Hastersboda DGP will be definitely done in the beginning of the next week.

  • Sandösunds DGP. Not Playable

  • Svinö DGP, missing 2 baskets

What happens Next week:

  • Kastelholm DGP will put out the baskets and Tees

  • Soltuna DGP upgrades to 18 holes

  • Eckerö DGP will put out the baskets and Tees

  • Germundö DGP will put out the baskets and Tees

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