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24 hour cruise rods, but totally different :)

At the beginning of the week we tested to play as many courses as possible on Åland and then we used a rib boat that ran about 45 knots between the archipelago courses. We managed to play 11 courses in 24 hours, we had both gassing heat and even ended up in a thunderstorm and almost tropical rain. You can see the video of how the trip went.

At the end of the week, we tested the opposite of sailing with an old sailing ship to visit a few courses. With us on the trip we had some really good Finnish disc golfers Pasi Koivu who has won the Finnish championships twice and is the main architect of the Åland courses and one of the new generation of good players Toumas Hyytiäinen and there I interview them about the Åland disc golf project. In both cases, it's about having a unique experience, whether it's doing them at super speed or incredibly relaxed with Albanus, both memories for life. Stay tuned for updates on disc golf cruises with Albanus on their site

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