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Åland Disc Golf Update

It has been a bit bad with updates on our website over the past year, but a lot has happened behind the scenes. 2021 was a year where many Finnish tourists found their way to Åland. We estimate that at least 4,000 tourists were here on a year-round basis. Many of them stayed between three and four nights on average. Just as our surveys in both Finland and Sweden have shown when we asked how they planned to make their trip to Åland.

The text says in the picture says "UDisc rounds per nationality "

You can see a drop of the Aland players in June and that is because a DiscGolf matrix competition started in June 2021 and will end in May 2022 and players are not adding their rounds in both apps.

UDisc had a compilation of the five most popular courses in 90 countries around the world and Mariehamn and Åland stand high in the competition with rounds played for being such a small community. You can read more in this article. UDisc has noted that we have a lot of rounds per person so they have started a new series of articles where they check out the states that have the most rounds per capita. They have written about which states in the USA have the highest percentage of rounds played per apita and they will also do the same about the rest of the world. It will be interesting to see how we stand.

I have compiled a list of the most popular disc golf municipalities per capita on Åland.

In USA Maine is the state with highest rate with 12,3 rounds per 100 people and our lowest is Kökar with 51,6 rounds per 100 people. Our highest is Sund with Kastelholm DGP as the only course. And the average on Åland 2021 is 123,2 rounds per 100 inhabitants. It looks hard for any contesters to beat that ratio.

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